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Full Version: Important: Punishments for actions occurring on non UD property
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There has been a recent uptick in people doing stupid things, saying stupid shit, and other actions that normally would get you in trouble with us on Discord servers that are not the official UD Discord server.

This is an official notice that the staff in the UDU reserve the right to ban anyone for anything at any time they wish. Obviously there is a fine line between a justified and non justified action taken, but it is apparent that people think just because they are not on an official UD Discord server or game that they have free reign to do anything they want or say anything they want, including derogatory comments about staff members. That is false. We will utilize punishment for players who are caught doing these things in a manner that includes insults made to staff members or other UD players, even if they were said on other servers.

If anyone reports what you say to us and submits proof of such and we deem it as something we will not tolerate, you will be punished as if you did it on our servers. We also reserve the right to join popular servers on accounts that appear different from normal staff accounts in order to make sure that a server is not slinging insults at us or other players. That is a fair warning to watch what you say.