Privacy Policy
By visiting and subsequently using this website, you hereby give the owners and staff of the right to collect certain pieces of information that could be used to personally identify you. Above all else, the UD Universe team respects the privacy of members and will not give away and/or sell these pieces of information to any third parties without your consent, barring cases where not furnishing said information would hinder any sort of legal action against you. I. Information Collected The following pieces of information may be collected upon registering for a forum account or interacting with UD Universe services: *Your IP address *Your online persona, including your real name if you choose to use it *Your location, if you choose to provide it *Your age, if you choose to provide it *Your username for ROBLOX *Anything else provided by posts or content made on this website II. What we do with collected information The only information we actively use are your IP address and username on ROBLOX. In order to provide cross-game capability for our ROBLOX games, we need your ROBLOX name and profile ID number to register in-game statistics and purchases that are carried across all of our games. All other information is not sold and or otherwise utilized by any of the staff of UD Universe. III. Public Information All information, excluding your IP address, is visible to visitors and users of the UD Universe forums. By posting content on the forums, you agree that UD Universe and it's staff are not liable for any misuse of information posted provided through the site. IV. COPPA information This website is intended for use by users of all ages. Users under 13 years old may post any content so long as the staff of UD Universe deems it to be in compliance with our forum guidelines. If parents are concerned about their children's content being posted, please email [email protected] with your child's forum username and a description of the content including actions we should take. V. Use of cookies By utilizing this website, you allow us to store cookies, or pieces of information such as your login session details to your computer in order to automate logging into the forums. These cookies are only used to retain sessions, and are not sold or otherwise used in any other ways whatsoever. V. Affiliates UD Universe is not associated with ROBLOX Corporation, nor an official affiliate. UD Universe is an online hub for a group of games made on the ROBLOX platform.