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  Will Nomtauk be expanded on Alan Island?
Posted by: SuperYoshi_13 - 1 hour ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

So as right now Nomtauk is a rest stop (as August 2019), but will Nomtauk be expanded into Alan Island?

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Photo The Ultimate Roads Universe
Posted by: FlyinScotsman - Yesterday, 06:07 PM - Forum: Game Showcase - Replies (2)

Hi guys, I have a few things to tell you about my driving universe game. 

1. I started my first project Bloxville, Robloxia, but it didn't go so well.  Sad

2. The second attempt was, Roblox City, Robloxia. It was horrible. The chat was so broken, I couldn't figured out why. Also, some other things were broken too.  Huh

3. I've been trying to create equipment for my game, making car spawns, but I can't script even a thing. So annoying  Angry

There are few good things about my universe.

1. I've made huge progress on building things. As I watched, many other developers make universe games.

2. I've made a cool car spawn and kiosk. You guys will scream at me and say, you copied Ultimate Driving Kiosk. COPY-CATTER.

3. I'm gonna work on a better project instead and it will be way more easier.

Also for my kiosk, I just added the robux thing because I can't even script, also it helps get myself some robux so it can help me.

Pictures: [img]Ultimate Roads kiosk.png[/img][img]car spawn ultimate roads.png[/img]

sorry I cant post images. reeeeee

I'll give u a few links: 



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  What vehicles do you guys want remeshed/remodeled?
Posted by: SeanKPlayzMC - 08-15-2019, 09:07 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Simple as that. What cars in-game do you want to be changed because it doesn't seem to fit in with the other car stylings?

I'll start. The GMC Vandura may be a classic but before that, it was the GMC Savanna. So I want the Vandura remodeled into a much more modern van or added into the game as a modern version since the Vandura is the only van out there. But what van? Well, we could go with a modern GM van from Chevy/GMC or a different brand such as Mercedes or Ford. Plus the Vandura looks really off in the police fleet compared to it's other fleet members. 
[Image: 01_perspective_img_1.jpg]

The second vehicle I want to be remodeled is none other than the Freightliner cab. Since the original brick model was based on a Coronado, it's best to keep it within the Freightliner brand. I'd say the Cascadia (new or old) would be a good candidate or maybe even an actual model of the Coronado itself.
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 19c0003_054_edit_1365x624.jpg]
[Image: edb0ebdd22e67e26ff94a712e638288a.jpg]

The last vehicle I want to be remodeled is the RV. I mean sure it's a classy vehicle and from Breaking Bad but some of us miss the old RV 3 axle. So either the current RV gets replaced or add another one that is modern or close to the body shape of the old one. [Image: 1504723917_gall_lr.jpg]
[Image: 3-Axle-Class-A-1024x678.jpg]

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  What are the best cars to use in Fontana Dam?
Posted by: EinmaligerName - 08-15-2019, 04:11 PM - Forum: UD: Fontana Dam - Replies (1)

I personally think the best car to use on this map it the grand cherokee trackhawk.

- Because it has AWD

- It doesnt get stuck often because of its height

- It has enough torque to go almost everywhere

- It got some speed

Im wondering, if there is an even better car for this map

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  OD: Findlay (PRE ALPHA 0.0.1)
Posted by: markelitus - 08-15-2019, 02:21 PM - Forum: Game Showcase - No Replies

Initial release of OD: Findlay is here! The game will mostly have farm and US 224 is going to be the main road.

Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3649534019/...e-Number-6
UPDATES: Every day at 1 PM to 3 PM

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  Best road sets/tips for roadmaking?
Posted by: neddyfram - 08-15-2019, 10:00 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (4)

I'm trying to make a town but every time I make the roads they get so bad they basically become hopeless due to intersections glitching etc, is there any way to make good, smooth roads or could anyone link me to a kit that allows me to make roads? It would also help if someone told me a way to add footpaths onto the side of roads or make smooth intersections as well, as I constantly fail at both of these as well.

TiA for your help!

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  Canrolinas driving universe! (Send help)
Posted by: MatauPlays - 08-13-2019, 04:24 PM - Forum: Game Showcase - Replies (1)

I've teamed up with a couple of new developers and players and we are building a small driving universe based in South Carolina and Eastern Ontario. We are looking for someone willing to teach us and help us script for cross-platform users. We currently are building 2 games, two up for testing and playing, but with limited to no advanced scripts other than leaderboards, a gamepass door and basic traffic light scripts. I do not need builders, as I can do it myself, but if you wish to join the "team" you can private message me.

Thanks to anyone that can support in any way possible.

Our final goal is to be noticed by the UDU so we can operate our games as official ones, but I doubt it will happen so currently it is only for self profit as of now.

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  Is anyone get error codes right
Posted by: Boggie1999 - 08-13-2019, 02:39 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (6)

As of 2:30 pm today I keep getting error codes when i'm trying to join server, is anyone getting error codes while trying to join servers?

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  Does anyone else have builds from other games?
Posted by: DontSpillTheTofu - 08-13-2019, 01:53 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

Other then Roblox, I was really curious to see what games people on the UDU make nice builds on. Like Minecraft cities or Fortnite creative mode builds or something like that, like games other then Roblox.

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Posted by: markelitus - 08-13-2019, 11:42 AM - Forum: Game Showcase - Replies (5)

[I restarted the making of Ohio Driving: Findlay]

I need help for these things:

1: How to make intersections without having bugged roads
2: How to make terrain like un UD games (triangles)
3: How to make customized road signs (Interstate signs)

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