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  December 1965 Incidents (UDR #2)
Posted by: Alaprine - 2 minutes ago - Forum: Fan Content - No Replies

The UD Retrospective [ Issue #2 ]

Disclaimer: This story is fictional.

During the span of December of 1965, many residents of Bordenville and surrounding areas reported strange and unexplained happenings from various different locations. These supposed "happenings" ranged in nature from sky phenomena to sightings of "supernatural entities". There has been no scientific explanation for what transpired during this month in Bordenville. In total, over 35 reports were made during the month of December 1965 regarding such sightings. On this post, we have picked four of the clearest, and strangest stories and described them in detail with the best accuracy possible.

"December 13th"

On the evening of December 13th, various unexplained sightings relating to the sky occurred around the Bordenville area. The first of these sightings was that of Douglass Crawford, a 38 year old man, who was driving towards the west on U.S Route 40 alongside Betts Pond during twilight, when suddenly he noticed a round flying object far in the distance against the horizon. The object appeared to be headed southeast at rapid speed. At some point, it reportedly shone a bright red light, which Crawford claims gave him a strong migraine for a short period of time that prevented him from driving normally. According to Crawford, after the object went out of view, he claims to have seen a figure standing on the snow out of his corner of his eye. Nothing more occurred, but it left him feeling uneasy. His plans were to travel to Westover to visit family, but he ended up staying at a motel near Bordenville instead as he felt afraid. He departed the next morning.

Another sighting from this same day was that of Erna Madden, an elderly woman who was attending a late church service at Odessa. Reportedly, while exiting the church, she noticed three round objects fly almost directly overhead in a triangular shape. A loose report states that she fainted on the spot and needed to be resuscitated. Another version states that she began to worry about "demonic forces", and went back inside to ask the pastor to pray. Nonetheless, the confirmed version of this story states that she went home safely after either of these two outcomes, but had a terrible nightmare that night, which left her feeling afraid for the next few days.

The final sighting of December 13th was that of Fred Barnett, a 67 year old man who lived at his farmstead with his wife, located on a spot off U.S Route 40, near the Delaware/Maryland border. At dusk, he sat on the porch of his home, facing south, when he reportedly saw four brief, but large flashes of light in the sky. Barnett reportedly described the flashes as having a multitude of tiny stars within them, and also colorful clouds, and that the sight was "beautiful yet unsettling". However, he became afraid when he heard a multitude of different noises; such sounds which he described as: "a trumpet noise, and a loud, distorted noise of what seems to be a chair being dragged along a concrete floor". Reportedly, Barnett also saw what looked like sparks or flames from a distant forest. Eventually, he went back inside his home as he felt too afraid.

"The Bedford Family Incident"

Perhaps the strangest and most tragic incident of December 1965 was that of the Bedford Family. The Bedfords were a family that lived on a two-story home at Harmony Drive in Bordenville, DE. They consisted of Bob Bedford, 42 years old, the father. Marcy Bedford, 40 years old, the mother and Bob's wife, and their three children Gracie, Stephen, and David, 4, 7 and 5 in age, respectively.

On December 20, at 6 PM, the family were watching a Christmas special on television together in their living room. All seemed to be going well, until they reportedly noticed bright lights through the living room window. Bob thought nothing of it at the time, chalking it up to a passing truck with bright headlights, or a neighbor with backyard machinery. However, things escalated when they began hearing grunts and other strange noises coming from the second floor or the attic, sending them into a mild panic mode. The father got up to see what was happening upstairs when, suddenly, their living room window abruptly shattered completely, without explanation. At the same time, their television screen also cracked and shattered. Some reports of the story claim that their power also went out at the moment, but this is unconfirmed.

The sudden shattering of the window was enough to send them into a full blown panic. The broken pieces of the glass injured Marcy and two of her children. Bob ran to the garage with his wife following, and started his 1963 Beetle in an attempt to escape from the house. They drove out, only to realize that only one child had gotten into the backseat. They quickly drove back in an attempt to find their two children, only for the garage door to malfunction and collapse, blocking access to the house through that part. Bob exited his car and sprinted towards the front door, trying to open it, but to no avail, as none of them had brought the keys from inside.
At this point, nearly all reports come to a halt; the story does not explain what they did after realizing that they could not enter their home. One loose, unconfirmed and outrageous report states that a "large flying saucer" approached from above, and abducted the escaped members of the family. Another unconfirmed, yet more likely report states that they abandoned their two children and drove out of the area, presumably to not risk any more danger. Nonetheless, the confirmed version continues a day later, when a neighbor of the family came to visit the home. The first thing he noticed as strange was that their 1963 Beetle was not present. He panicked when his knock on the door was not answered. The police were called, and they arrived at the home to discover two of the children, David and Gracie, trembling in fear and hungry. They were taken to a safe place by police. Both of the children grew up normally and are alive and healthy today. Unfortunately, the rest of the family were not found and it is unknown what happened.    

On that same day, a crashed car, bearing resemblance to the Beetle car, was discovered on a pile of snow alongside U.S Route 72. Strangely, the car was empty, and there were no signs that it was a VW Beetle apart from the resemblance. This led some people to believe that it was the Bedford's family car; however, it is unconfirmed and unlikely.


The UD Retrospective [ Issue #2 Part 2 ] will be posted on Monday, October 28, with two more stories from December of 1965. I hope you have enjoyed reading this issue.

The UD Retrospective is © 2018 Alaprine. It is a collection of fictional stories regarding locations from © Ultimate Driving by TwentyTwoPilots that are posted multiple times a year. Any resemblance these fictional stories bear to real life events are purely coincidental.

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  I wonder what minimap looks like after it's finished.
Posted by: FlyinScotsman - Yesterday, 12:03 PM - Forum: UD: Fontana Dam - Replies (2)

I've been wondering about the minimap in UD: Fontana Dam. Is the minimap, actually gonna have the top North and bottom South because whenever I play the game, the minimap of the game is facing southbound on the top and northbound on the bottom which kinda doesn't make any sense.

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Exclamation My spoiler is is messing up in the new update
Posted by: Boggie1999 - Yesterday, 08:20 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

My spoiler to my Bugatti Divo is going haywire while I'm grinding at top speed. I think its a bug but idk.

Idk if goes in this goes in general discussion or off topic


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  Which UDU map developer do you like???
Posted by: FlyinScotsman - 10-20-2019, 07:56 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (6)

Here is another question. Which UDU map developer do you like?

Active Universe Builders:

-Former Universe Builders:

I don't think nobody knows who this is:

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Posted by: Perfectjoey1 - 10-20-2019, 05:26 PM - Forum: UD: Westover Islands - Replies (6)

I pretty sure this bug is Roblox fault and not ultimate driving but here it is anyways in the link.

The bug is in the chat look directly at the chat it won't let m go to public only private chat a system chat

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  Is this supposed to happen?
Posted by: NXT - 10-20-2019, 10:48 AM - Forum: UD: Fontana Dam - Replies (11)

Probably is, but you know, looks weird.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Westover BBQ and Foot Massage
Posted by: rocko6alex - 10-19-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: Fan Content - Replies (4)

Westover BBQ and Foot Massage is a small business in Westover, the seat of Westover Islands. It has two bay windows and a red overhang with the text, "Westover BBQ and Foot Massage." This is a Easter Egg based on the popular video on YouTube, "Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage." The video was originally created by Toby Jones, who made many videos similar to this, featuring a mundane business said to be owned by him. The business, in Westover, is located on Chesnut Road, right next to a entrance to a parking lot.

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  Appeal reply time
Posted by: Tadas_09 - 10-19-2019, 06:51 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

When do the mods usually reply to appeals? It's been 4 days and I still haven't got a reply.

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  Do you feel OG when these games are part of the UDU?
Posted by: FlyinScotsman - 10-19-2019, 04:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Hey guys, I have a question for you. Who remembers these OG UD Games?

UD: Noyan by xxdebilexx

UD: Sunshine City by Hydrolock

UD: Biscayne by Hydrolock

UD: Terra Ceia by Hydrolock

UD: Burlington by JakeFromRoblox

If you guys do know, all these games give us memories about all the old times of UD. I'm not OG on UD, but when you play these games that are open with no UDU equipment, they make you feel OG. Not only that, the games by xxdebilexx are still open after almost a year. I don't know what is happening to the UD after 2018, but things keep changing. Let us hope for all these games to be rehosted or reopened with no UDU equipment. 

And since these games are gone, we had new ones for 2019.

UD: New Charlestown, Massachusetts is like the new UD: Biscayne

UD: Kent Island is the new UD: Terra Ceia

UD: Monroe is kinda like UD: Sunshine City. 

I think you guys miss UD: Noyan the most since you love Canada.

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Posted by: Chargerlover112 - 10-18-2019, 01:17 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

We need some turbochargers and superchargers, but make em really expensive for good ones.

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