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No response to your Appeal yet? Read this. - Tyler - 03-06-2018

Hello, I am Tyler. I am the moderation supervisor for UD and oversee the appeals.

As you may have noticed, many of you have not received a response to your appeals for quite a while. This is solely because I am a college student and I work on appeals whenever I have the free time and am not busy with other life/school things.

With this being said, I have Spring Break coming up soon. Starting this coming weekend and moving into the beginning of next week, I will begin combing through the appeals and responding to the unanswered ones. Keep your eyes peeled and be patient. As stated by the guidelines, appeals are our absolute last priority within UD.

Also, take this time to review the appeal guidelines and make sure your appeal follows them as closely as possible. You can take this time to edit your appeals to follow the appeal guidelines. If you are not following them or are not following the format for appealing, I will automatically throw out your appeal and make you re-appeal. Do us and yourself a favor and double check them!

Thank you,