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20 days no response - gabeisgabe - 09-07-2019

Hi, I am currently banned from the UD games. And I have sent an appeal to be unbanned from the games. My first one was for the wrong reason and was replied to in around 4-5 days. But I waited a week and sent another one and it has been around 20 days and still no response to it. I was just wondering how long this usually takes for a response.

Thanks for your time

RE: 20 days no response - MatauPlays - 09-08-2019

There is no usual, if you’ve seen the other posts on the forum. Mods are probably too busy for appeals. How detailed was your ban appeal? If it was less than a paragraph, I’m going to guess that it wasn’t even checked because it was so undetailed.

RE: 20 days no response - gabeisgabe - 09-08-2019

It was more than a paragraph, I put some time into it and I think my new one is even better.