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Crazy Highway To Hell Stories
So once, I was 10 back in summer in ol' 14, when me and my parents were driving west of Corpus Christi toward Alice, on Highway 44. About halfway, we encountered a farm route under the number "666". We turn left, going through a town called "Banquete". Soon afterwards we started to jam "Highway to Hell", as someone bangs our car as we sided to the right into the plain. We got tow service on Farm Route 666, hopefully. But I'm not driving on that route again.

We are planning a road trip to the Allegheny Forest in Pennslyvania, where another "Route 666" lurks (don't be scared to drive on this one, it's just a shoulderless two lane road meandering through a creepy forest).

Post "creepiest routes you've been on" below.
We're out of Chicken Nomtauk. Go to Bordenville for spoiled milk, or SEE YOU IN CAPE DANN! Angry

Awwwww. This business should go to da Worstover Islands or da Bethany Bleach.  Wink

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