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New guidelines regarding ban appeals
We have recently implemented new guidelines aimed st improving our ability to process ban appeals. These guidelines are now effective immediately, and are visible from within the Court of Appeals forum under the announcements section. In addition, you may click below to find the new guidelines:

Below you will find some of the more important changes to appeal guidelines.

1) Required Appeal Format
In order to help us be able to effectively process these appeals, we are now requiring appeals to use a set format, which you can find in the announcement link above. This format will help us be able to look at your request and be able to process it much quicker. If you do not post in the required format, or if you do not include the required information, we will automatically denial your appeal.

2) Removal of Guaranteed Response Time
With the change above, we are hoping to be able to process more appeals on a daily basis. However, due to increasingly busy schedules, we are removing the 14 day maximum response time, as there are several instances this timeframe was not being met in the first place. With this change, we politely ask you to NOT needlessly bump your thread UNLESS a significant amount of time has passed with no response. Significant amounts of time are equal to or greater than a period of 30 days. If you bump your topic frequently, we will automatically deny the appeal.

3) Clarification of Various Things
Many, many times in the past people have posted appeals claiming they were not on their account when they were banned, and either a sibling or friend was using it. We have clarified that if you claim such, you MUST have proof showing that you physically were not on your account at that time. If you are unable to provide this, we will not overturn your ban. More often than not, people are lying when they make up stories like these. If your account was compromised and you can show appropriate proof of exchanges between yourself or an authorized party as well as Roblox in assisting you recover your account, we will overturn the ban. If you cannot provide this, we will not.

Finally, as a reminder, the handling of these appeals is the lowest of all priorities for us. If you were banned, you most likely deserved it. We are giving you the chance to either lose your punishment or have it removed entirely. What we do depends on your appeal. Showing sincerity and remorse for your actions will assist you greatly in reducing your ban. Showing attitude or failing to understand why you were banned will assist you in lengthening your ban or making the ban non-negotiable. If your ban is non-negotiable, we will not consider an appeal from you, no exceptions.

We do thank your cooperation in following these new guidelines so that we are able to process your appeals at an improved rate so that those who have learned from their actions can get back to playing our games sooner

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