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Concerning certain types of threads...
Recently there have been a lot of threads either attempting to provide back stories to the UDU cities or providing "news" in the UDU cities.

While none of this is against the rules, we would like to remind everyone that all of the cities in the UDU have back stories; We plan to have these somewhere on our website in the near future, but we haven't had the time.

Second, the faux (that's fake for those who didn't know what that word meant) news threads are getting out of hand as well. The signal to noise ratio is very low on some of these threads, and we will start removing or locking threads where the content is not meaningful enough to constitute as non-spam content.

From here on out, please only post ONE topic on things like these. The sheer amount of topics that is cluttering the forums is getting ridiculous. Those who do not follow these rules will be assessed the appropriate penalties.

We appreciate all of the fan made content, however we also need to keep the forums clean so multiple versions of these topics do not clutter the view.

UDU Team
~ Matt
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