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Downtown Orlando
Game Name: {Downtown Orlando}


Type: {Driving Simulator}

{Orlando, a city in central Florida, is home to more than a dozen theme parks and attractions. Nicknamed "The City Beautiful" Downtown Orlando has a total of 19 skyscrapers many in the heart of Orlando. Many of the major highways are I-4, East-West Expressway (Toll-408), Florida Turnpike, Beachline Expressway (Toll 528) and Central Florida Greenway (Toll 417). (Note: Only I-4 and 408 are cooperated in this game.) The main thing I want to work on is make the road lines a lot more curved and refine as well as work and concentrate on my roads a lot more than that I do now. (Note that this game is not completed.)  }
This is actually really good. The traffic ligt sequencing is broken though
"Zulus! Thousands of 'em!"

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CoA w/ all the blood links to I have countries

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