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Introducing myself
Hey there, my username in-game is PengyLord, I often play Westover, but also the other games sometimes. I've been playing UDU almost since the beginnings but just registered to the forum.
Beside that, i'm an 18 years old developer and i'm french canadian (I speak english and french).
Yes, yes, you'll find it weird that I still play ROBLOX. But, I like the creative aspect of it and how it teaches young people how to program and how to use simplified softwares to learn better. And hey, it's my childhood game!
I sometimes roleplay in UDU, sometimes not. I came here mostly to help UDU become a better place, but I also enjoy meeting new people! By the way, if someone could tell me the code to the Discord, it would be awesome. If you see me in-game or if you see that we have great things in common, feel free to talk to me!

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