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First person camera view
I think there should be a first person view in all cars, it would make the game little more realistic and friendly to RP players
First of all, I recommend you to never try to give "RP" as a reason why something should be added into the game. And about FP, well I never really used it before the Mesh Update because you weren't able to see anything, but the reason Matt gave us for removing it was that it would look ugly because of the poorly interior, even tho it actually looks far better than the brick car interior.
Nissan Leopard 870 Ultima GF31 3.0 V6 Twin Cam Intelligent Adult Coupe

^^this car actually exists^^
A) RP has nothing to do with this. What ARE you on about?

B) UD’s not an RP game, they wouldn’t add stuff specifically for RP
This feature isn't really specifically for RP...

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