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anyone have their level 2 license [G2] Canada, w/o parent in the car?
If you do have the 2nd level in a license, are you borrowing your parents car at the moment or have a used vehicle? Are you on your own insurance or your parents insurance?

What car do you have? 

I own a 2006 Honda Pilot 4WD, currently under my parent's insurance with the SUV although I have bought it but signed under parents
My parents are trying to get my a Mustang GT. As much as I want one, it isn't the best idea for my first car. I suggested a Crown Vic but they said no.

My parents are aware of insurance by the way Matt.
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I posses a school permit for the state of Nebraska, meaning I can drive back and forth using the most direct route, however i can drive wherever with a person over the age of 21 and they hold a valid driver's license. I currently drive my mother's 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, which I may refer to as mine, although I am not the owner of the car and my parents can take it when they need it.
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My parents want a fucking Skoda Fabia for me. Its ugly and you have to import it from europe. The reason: it only has 75 hp so its easy to drive (and my dad is a Skoda fanboy). Hope I can get him to buy a AE86 or atleast AE85 instead.
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^^this car actually exists^^
I am still on my dads insurance since I live with him, and there is a multi car discount which is advantageous to both of us. My Type R is financed solely under my name and I am the only registered driver on it.

Since the Type R is still a Honda Civic, my insurance barely went up compared to my 2017 Civic Coupe. I think most of the increase (which still wasn’t much) was due to having 2 points on my license from a stupid careless driving charge...
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My parents are telling me to save my money and buy my own car lmao
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My dad is holding off getting me a car until he finishes renovating some cheap homes he bought and is going to rent out. He's able to get me a car without a hitch while he has this stuff on things he needs to do, but he won't. I've made multiple suggestions to him, all cheap and affordable, but he seems hard-set on lowballing with my neighbor to get an old Chrysler minivan for 600 dollars...
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My dad said we are going to share a new low-end BMW apparently.
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I have a lvl 2 license (working for lvl 3),
I have a 2017 Hybrid Ford Fusion.
My family is not rich, I worked up for a car since I was 12.
I am on my family's insurance
I have to go to high school and have a weird dude watch me drive in the dark so that I can get lvl 3.

I wish I didn't drive a car. - I'd rather bike.
Both of my sisters got hand me down cars. I didn’t get that luxury. They got their licenses right when they could, while I had to wait until I was 19 years old since my parents were unable to buy me a car (even a shitty beater). The first car that was mine was bought by me with my money.

If you get a car without paying for it, no matter how shitty, consider yourself lucky.
~ Matt
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