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Weirdest song to be in the UDU
You know how when you enter the game, there is music that plays before you are teleported into the actual game?
Here's the most ridiculous and weirdest "lobby music" in the UDU.
(NOTE: The media function didn't work so here is the linkSmile)
Road geek of all places
this is actually quite hilarious
this post is probably purely idiotic

(stats as of 12-3-17)
[Image: froscc9LToWZZbzFk6-dYQ.png]
All cars owned except the Can Am and the One:1.
All gamepasses owned except Garage pass.
Lol. Bull picks funny music for the game intro.
A guy named Sapotinno906 on ROBLOX who has 6500+ miles.

Also a guy who is impatiently waiting for the Swagdad and Cape Ann map.

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