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How to deal with campers
There are multiple ways to not get arrested as soon as you spawn.

1- Run to the car spawner as soon as you see the campers
2- Combat logging is forbidden but you should leave/reset if you see a spawn camper attempting to arrest you (not sure if it is bannable if you combat log to avoid spawn campers)
3- If you have the chance, you can record them for evidence and report them on "Moderation Request"

Cops that camp at Police Department to prevent you to pay your bounty, there are ways too

1- Trick the camper you are fleeing from them, if they get away from the gate, run to the PD and pay your bounty (unlikely going to work if you're wanted)
2- As again, you can record the camper and report them on "Moderation Request"

Hope I'm helpful.
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