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Anyone willing to donate me some UDU money? If you do respond yes to this post and I will be appreciated!
Kid that knows a lot about roads from the State Of Ohio
Hiway Freak
You posted the same thing in All Games.

Now do us all a favor and actually PLAY THE GAME.
- NotPancake

Long time UD player, own a lot. Have every gamepass.
You posted it here as well to try and get even more views? Stop being such a waste of our planet’s oxygen. We need that to survive you know - and you’re wasting it on yourself.

Play. The. Fucking. Game. Your. Fucking. Lazy. Ass. Self.

In case you can’t tell, I’m incredibly sick of how lazy people are getting. If you can’t be bothered to LITERALLY. HOLD. DOWN. A. KEY. ON A KEYBOARD, then please keep your life-limiting and pathetic flaw to yourself, rather than trying to take from those who are of greater worth in society than you are.

I’m not usually a jerk, but if this forum becomes contaminated with the parasitic people who want UD money for nothing purely because “it’s hard” (To hold a W key) or “takes too long” then I’m going to get really pissed REALLY fast, as well as others.

UD money would absoloutely be wasted on you.
I highly recommend you play the game yourself. Asking for money only invokes negative reactions from the community and is generally frowned upon, especially when your requests on the forum are borderline spam, posting it more than once in different boards.
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