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Whats your least favorite highway / interstate
I'd say the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey..,
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(06-09-2018, 06:54 PM)Hisham Wrote: I'd say the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey..,

I 90 in South Dakota, this is what you see for over 300 miles.,...312!8i6656
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Interstate 16 in central Georgia
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I-78. (mostly) Flat. Boring. Overall, it's just bland.
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For me, It has to be I-475 in Toledo. It's always under construction and is in my opinion kind of useless, as it normally takes less time to take the back roads because of the heavy traffic.
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I have to go with I-95 in Massachusetts. Its great and all, however the reason is because of the traffic jams, those even beyond I-93 in Boston.
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Actually, I take I-78 back after I went on I-40 today. FORTIFY. IS. GARBAGE.

Rough road, only 2 lanes because NCDOT has 2 lanes open while they pave the other then switch. Pretty much rinse and repeat.
- NotPancake

Long time UD player, own a lot. Have every gamepass.
I-10 in New Mexico has to be one of the most painful experiences ever.

- Tons Of Construction
- Your car pretty much gets slammed with trash from the road.
- Cancerous gantries
- Cancerous sign placement
- Literally a bland wasteland (But the I-10 in Texas in some areas is even worse).
- Probably would get your tires stolen if you stopped at the gas station or rest area.
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I'm going to say the i-87/I-587/US-264/US-264/Knightdale bypass.

First, too many routes on one highway.
Two, the road is the traffic from I-540 ending.
Three, the road is too noisy - being on the road makes loud sounds.
Four, the 420 exit sign keeps being stolen.
Five, if there is a crash, traffic backs up to the exit from the business US-64 exit.
Interstate 80 in Wyoming was plagued with roadwork, which made the experience unpleasant, especially when they slowed us down to 10 mph to go over a crossover. The other is Interstate 90 in eastern Washington, which is flat, brown, and boring.
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