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Weirdest/Dumbest Phone Calls you've got?
So as of today (June 11th), I've had my phone for 2 months.

Now I'm not sure if I'm being pranked long-term or someone is still using an old phone number, but I've been getting calls for a girl named "Krystal". I've gotten Walgreens calls, even calls from her Physical Therapist. All from Cary. They won't stop coming in.

Either way, title explains all. Tell yours.
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Oh, during tax season, I've gotten so many IRS scam calls to my phone even though I don't do them, my parents do. Another one is a landscaping company. My mom got calls from the same number. And somewhat there is a guy asking "can you hear me" to my voicemail - My voicemail is "Hello, please leave your name and number, thanks" and I think that he thought I was talking to him.

Scammers and advertisers keep getting in my phone. I'm getting a new phone number anyways.
I've gotten a LOT of phone calls from the same two numbers. Those two numbers, which sound like they're from two completely different people, usually leave voicemail. When I check my voicemail and listen to these calls, they usually say they're looking for someone named "Tonya" and for me to call them back. I don't know if my number is a recycled one or something and those two dudes haven't updated their contacts, but it is really irritating.

Every once and a while, too, I get these weird phonecalls from random numbers. Those numbers ALWAYS leave messages. When I listen to the message, it's always the phone number but repeated with a TTS voice and a very long moment of silence after.
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I once got this call from a telemarketer. He kept trying to get me to buy something, I kept saying no but then for some reason something snapped in him. He just started to throw a curse storm. "EFF YOU FOR NOT BUYING THIS". ( I don't remember what the product was that he was trying to sell me.) He was probably trying to scam me, it was pretty weird.

But the next day he called again from a different number, I answered and then he talked about the same product. I suddenly hung up. Those guys are just untrustworthy...
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I got so many spam calls during the month but this one call stood out from the rest. Basically they claimed they were the "ten teen bucks" or whatever it was and how they're doing a survey about how teens do the gang sign and asked "send us your gang sign". His voice sounded suspicious and his question made no sense. I've never done the gang sign because it's stupid so I just said "yea no. Hecc this society goodbye" and hung up. The other day I got a phone call from an unknown location so I answered and the call was a...scammer? Anyways he said if I didn't follow his orders, he'll get the military on me. But for some odd reason he sounded like he was in his 17s so I just said "yea sure would love to see some cop cars" but then I heard a sigh and he hung up.
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Somebody called me a week ago and the first thing I heard was "Hello honey!" What the holy ###### shit! No it wasnt my mom.
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i don't get phone calls because i don't have friends.

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