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Why people hate Copvette?
In my opinion, Copvette got good accerelation, and it can drift well, I really don't get why people hate existence of Copvette..
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I hate that it does not go the speed that it was originally meant to have. I use it because I want to chase fast cars and try to have a chance with them and have fun, but it is not fun when they go 30-100+ mph faster than you.
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Because the handling and braking ability is complete ass, it is a bit slower than most exotics, and the wheelspin is so bad I've lost suspects solely because of that.
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The car is let down by a 160 top speed, pitiful acceleration, disgusting handling, a drifting problem (it just drifts no matter what) and literally the worst brakes in the game (excluding the Hummer)

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