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Philadelphia and Baltimore missing in UDU?
Since I knew the fact that Harriston is New York and Masonsville is DC, on the official UD map, I tried to find what would be the UD equivalent of Philadelphia. I found the main interstate junction, I-95 and I-76, but saw no city, well the size of Masonsville. I assumed Philadelphia was missing from the UDU. I soon realized though that Odessa was in its place, but I realized it was too late for any change. And so I thought of another large city between DC and New York. Baltimore. But Baltimore was missing too! (I'm just asking Alex why these cities are missing in the UDU).
A guy named Sapotinno906 on ROBLOX who has 6500+ miles.

Also a guy who is impatiently waiting for the Swagdad and Cape Ann map.
No one wants filthydelphia in the UD.

Plus theres not enough room to have all the cities on the east coast in the uni
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