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Interesting facts about your hometown?
My town doesn't have much. According to Wikipedia, apparently some MLB player named "Chris Archer" went to a high school in downtown.
- NotPancake

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Abraham Lincoln's dad is buried in mine
DriveTime Admin
Apparently it's first name was "New California".
Yes, my favorite highway is Interstate 55.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRoIiI210eFoXtVPSipTKL...ezT6k9lQuY]
The mayor is also a 6th grade math teacher.
I'm gone from roblox until further notice.
Random Video:
-A lot of celebrities and youtubers live here
-Worst congestion in the country
-A lot of fossils were found, and still countinued to be found, in a subway extension in just one area
-The city limits are in an island, a valley, miles of coastline, a basin, hills, canyons and mountains
-Our county has islands, beaches, a desert, forests, valleys, canyons and it lies on two plate tectonics
-The lowest elevation within city limits is 0 ft and the highest is 5,074 ft
-So many movies are filmed and set here
-Natives here are used to earthquakes (including me)
-We say 'the' before highway numer (The {Insert highway number here})
-We have so many police chases, it's basically UD here
-Left turns are scary
-Drivers are crap
-2nd most populated city in the country
-Gas prices will give you a heart attack
My dream car is the mystery machine
Slate capital of the USA or something like that
>>>"This thread is faulty!"<<< - TaurusReborn
-A really historical place
-Known for tastes
-The most populated city
-Taxes are.. I'm not even going to talk about that..
-Gas prices are going to explode
-Literally 0.01% drivers use their blinkers when changing lines
-People cutting into you in traffic is really common.
Pee is stored in the balls 誕横ゅ扱ト影
-My hometown is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire.
-It's the county seat of the county it's in.
-For a period of time, it became the national leading producer of textiles in the 1850s.
-It was settled in 1623 and incorporated as a city in 1855.
-The town got it's current name in 1637.
-There has been a shit-ton of major fires here, damn
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the capitol here has burnt down 2 times.
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Charlotte is the 2nd city that has the most banking, the first being NYC.
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