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Ultimate Driving Urban Legends.
"Oh wow Taurus is doing something different than weather for once?"

Yes, yes I am.

Westover Island Monster

Westover is known for getting bad weather, but in 1994 when Hurricane Boris made landfall on the island, a resident in Woodbury reported that a humanoid of about 8 feet tall in a field, but since a Category 2 Hurricane was over the island the resident couldn't investigate, and the monster was gone by morning.

The sighting was forgotten about shortly after, until the 2000s when a powerful nor'easter swept over the area. A driver on Doe Run Road lost control and went into a ditch, after he came to after an unknown period of unconsciousness, he awoke to the same being not 20 yards from his car. He described the thing as this.

"Roughly 7-8 feet tall, with little to no hair, red eyes and a broad structure."

Last year when Tropical Storm Igor was moving over the area, citizens on the island were looking for the monster but found nothing.

"The Gerard Ferry Incident"

In the early 1970s, a farmer was out late when he saw a light in the nearby woods, eager to investigate him and his son moved into the brush and made contact, soon after the farmer reportedly collapsed and the son got an intense migraine. 15 minutes later the father woke up and him and the son rushed back to the home and called the police who were on scene in a few minutes. A search of the woods was done but of course, nothing was found.

Ghost Train

Not that far from Gerard Ferry lies Pomeroy, a former mining town that is used by truckers moving north. But back in the 1940s in Pomeroy's heyday, something odd occurred. On the night of October 29th, 1947 a train derailed off the tracks over the Delancy River, killing everyone onboard. 2 days later as the wreckage was being cleaned, workers constructing a highway, citizens of Pomeroy, and salvage crews saw a train go past. But officials later learned that no train was scheduled to go through the area on the 31st, Yes it happened on Halloween. Since then there hasn't been any other sightings.

"The Angreifer Von Farmen"

In colonial times when Dutch settlers harvested the fields in Iowa, they were usually vunerable to attacks, but ones rarely occurred, but in one night in 1845 changed that. A farmer awoke to his barn burning, so he grabbed a rifle and headed out the door, only to be met by a large creature. Other farmers in the area came to his aid, and found him shaken up hiding in the attic. When the others found the first farmer he kept on repeating "Angreifer Von Farmen" or "Attacker of Farms" over and over. In the next 100 years more incidents occurred, but they steadily became more and more rare as Iowa became more built up. The last of these sightings occurred in the 1960s when someone saw it on a backroad, but the creature quickly retreated into nearby woods.

The Odessa Phantom

In the 1950s, Odessa was seen as a stop on the famous route 1, this all changed when I-95 was built in the area, but the area still received heavy traffic. One night a passerby stayed in a motel across from the Odessa Church, and all was fine. The man entered his room and everything was all tidy, until he saw the curtains. There appeared to be someone in the curtains, immediately he turned around and ran to the front office, and the room was searched. Although nothing was found, the man refused to stay in that room. More sightings were reported in the motel, and the building became famous across America. However, in 1993 the building became abandoned, the area became a teenage hotspot. This all changed in 2008, after constant disrepair and weathering, a section of the abandoned building collapsed. The town officials then ordered the rest of the building to be demolished. After the building was removed a plan to make a fast food restaurant was approved. One morning the manager of the job site came into to the site with things in disarray, as he checked the cameras. He saw that overnight someone, or something was walking throughout the job site, the figure was all black and only showed up on a few frames.

Since then no sightings occurred.

Feel free to make your own urban legends, follow the fan content rules however.
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