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US 3 Sign Example
So today i decided to make another sign example. This time i included a US Route since it is the Fourth of July. So this is exit 33 on the US 3 Expressway at a Interchange with Massachusetts Route 40. Rate 1-10 on how good you think this sign is.

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The driver who lags.
The route shield is way to high up on the sign, and the arrow is a bit too close to the side, otherwise its a good sign
[Image: ZFBgp12.png]
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I usually have problems with that when im making signs for my game. But thanks.
The driver who lags.
If you're using Inkscape you may have snaping on which is probably causing it.
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I guess it might be that, but i only use it for exit tabs and such.
The driver who lags.

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