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What about this idea?
Recently while watching a UD video, i became this idea:

How about, that you make the numberplates great again?
For example, like a Police Database with (averange Bounty, total Jail time, averange job, how man times the databased looked up for the person)..

Currently, a numberplate is useless. It would make a entire new world of the police system.
Also, make the custom plates higher priced. So people can not make fake numberplates.
This is an RP suggestion.
-RP is not the focus of UD games
-Those features would take an unspeakable amount of effort and time to set up
-What’d be the use (besides RP) of this?

A small group support RP in the UDU. The developers don’t alter their aims for that small group, or any small group, in order to make THAT group happy.

If you really want to see this in a game, go talk to an RP game developer. They’re interesting suggestions for RP

May I add that your message is slightly obscure. It doesn’t really... make any sense.
Individual number plates are not a thing - two players can have the same plate (state and digits) and attempting to change that behavior is not worth the effort.
~ Matt
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