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Middletown NY
Evening Guys: 
I have been taking my time, putting a lot of planning and work into my latest game. Now it's not done quite yet, and I know there are some bugs (Triangle Plugin and hills on US-6). This game is in southern New York, with realistic highways (Numbers and such) from the busy secondary roads to the quiet roads in the woods you will get it all. There are two towns in this game, Middletown (Based off of Middletown NJ) and Oak Island (Based off of Ithaca NY) Now I am working these next few weeks to put in detail and realism into EACH and EVERY area of my game, including, signage, trees, rivers and buildings. There are a few rivers right now, but I have not put in water as that will be my next part after I fix U.S. 6. The majority of roads are complete except in Oak Island and south of Middletown. I am also debating whether to add an Interstate (East of Middletown). At first I wanted to, but I started to think that the game would be "too busy". I hope you guys enjoy the game and hope that you guys leave some constructive criticism. I am fixing all the hills and triangles on route 6 so please exclude that. 


UPDATE: Roundabout in oak island is being built, It is almost complete but just working on that main square right now.

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