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Name a good high way you have drived on?
Driving is a favorite hobby of so many people or many people like driving.But when the roads are bad driving also become difficult.Driving on a smooth road without any troubles give a good experience.Traveling to different places give good experience.When the roads are good driving also become enjoyable.The condition of roads is a main factor on driving.Which is the good highway that you see?
Other then how bumpy it is, I-88 in New York. Either that or I-81 in Central/Northern Pennsylvania.
this post is probably purely idiotic

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I don't live anywhere near a road that's not covered in potholes or is under construction. PennDOT is slow af and doesn't even do the job properly the majority of the time. The Pennsylvania turnpike between mile markers 39 and 48 has been under construction for almost 4 years now, just to widen the road. They don't even do anything the majority of the time even while working. But if anything, I-79 is probably the least awful, doesn't have many potholes and not much construction but who knows how long it will remain that way, probably not for long.
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I would say Interstate 85 in all of NC, its cause when your around Charlotte, you can see a view of Downtown, and it just takes you to Raleigh (my old home l0l)
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Interstate 10 (Arizona): Truely amazing views of Downtown Phoenix and Downtowns Tucson as well as small desert towns.
Interstate 10 (California): Passes by beautiful small towns and mountain passes.
Interstate 17: Goes through the Rocky Mountains and the Coconino National Forest.
US 93: Hoover Dam
SR 89A: You get to see the beautiful red mountains near Sedona.
SR 87: It goes through desert and massive forests
US 60: You drive through amazing mountains in the desert
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Interstate 540 / NC-540: Takes you around Wake County.
Interstate 40: Takes me from the mountains (West Carolina) to the beach (Carolina Beach).
Interstate 440: Takes me around Raleigh, NC
US-264/US-64/I-587/I-87/Knightdale Bypass: Though I hate it, it is the main highway in my city of Knightdale, takes me to the beaches of NC.
US-1: Gotta love that, takes me anywhere in NC.
US-401: Takes me anywhere in NC, north, and south
I-495: Beltway around Boston, and can also provide direct access to the cities of Lowell , Haverhill , and Lawrence.
US 3: Takes you to New Hampshire and being a Expressway until it reachs Nashua NH at Exit 7.

I-93: Takes you to Boston directly and also provides access to MA-213 and New Hampshire.

MA-213: A expressway bypassing Methuen and Lawerence, Massachusetts and connecting Interstates 495 and 93.

I-95: Takes you to the south side of Massachusetts along with MA-128 in the same expressway.

MA-128: A state route that is concurrent with I-95 for most of its exits before going on its own freeway.

Lowell Connecter: A expressway spur that was previously marked as Business Spur 495.
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