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TTP (speed limits) EXPOSED (again)
Hello there.

I exposed TTP exactly 1 year and 1 month ago (before the new update).
I revealed that your speedometer was not accurate.

It showed your speed 8.8% above the actual speed. (link to that thread is here:

Here is what I did (you can try it out yourself):

Step 1: Calculate how long does it take to drive 1 mile in your car of choice, make sure your speed is VERY stable (get 3 estimates, you can use a stopwatch).
Step 2: To calculate how much you were actually going, do this 3600/[seconds it took to travel 1 mile]
Step 3: You have your result (how fast you were actually going)

After the giant update which changed all the cars' looks, the speedometer's accuracy changed, it did improve, but it is still not accurate.

I did that calculation myself again, and I got a new result.

So, they new result was:

Your speedometer showed your speed 5.75% above the actual speed.

I am happy that things have improved, but I was expecting a better improvement.

TL;DR Your speed is shown 5.75% above your actual speed after the update that changed cars' looks and added a ton of new cars.
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yeah i played for too long
Can speed ever really be accurate? When I pass those YOUR SPEED signs in my car they always are 1 or 2 MPH off from what my speedometer says.
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You say ‘exposed’ like it makes a huge difference to the game, or that it’s some kind of cover up. It’s more like ROBLOX physics can’t do the simplest of tasks to any degree of accuracy.
I doubt TTP did this on purpose. You haven’t ‘exposed’ anything, you’ve just noticed a slight technical abnormality.
Big whoop. It is such a minute detail that only those who have nothing better to do with their lives but nitpick would notice.

Most real life modern cars are 1-3 mph off depending on make, model, and age. Are you going to bitch at the manufacturers for this also? After all, that would make much more sense than bitching, oh I'm sorry, "exposing", a literal pointless "inaccuracy" on a roblox game.

This is roblox. If you want extreme perfection, go elsewhere outside of roblox and if the speed is such a big problem to you, don't play the game. Inaccuracy solved.
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My truck is usually off 2-4 mph. Nothing like a GM
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(07-14-2018, 03:29 AM)Tyler Wrote: Big whoop. It is such a minute detail that only those who have nothing better to do with their lives but nitpick would notice.
I mean that's the whole point of this post; discussing about something that usually no one else would notice.
If you looked at the other thread, the first quote was 
"You can't rely on the mile system, you don't know when a new mile starts."

I think someone measuring this is pretty cool though
Really the only way that we can get a good consensus on a speed inaccuracy is if OP takes hundreds of measurements...
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