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Favourite mobile games?
We've talked several times about our favourite PC/Console games, but what about mobile games? Of course most of them are worse than proper PC/Console games, but sometimes they can be still fun. Also, try playing on a gaming PC or XBox while going by train or bus, doesn't work.

My favourites are:

-NFS No Limits
-Pixel Car Racer
-Initial D Street Stage (actually a PSP game but many people play it on phone using a emulator, so I'll just count it as a mobile game now)
-Gear Club

I tried several of them and none of them were good, so I dont have any favourites in this category

Jump'n Run
would be Super Mario Run if the full version wouldn't cost 10 bucks or something

-Fire Emblem Heroes because it's Fire Emblem. (still one of the worst FE games in my opinion)
-Clash of Clans in earlier days but now, nah

-Angry Birds (I was addicted to this game when I was a child)

Tell me about your's!
Fact: 翻訳者を使用しました
The Simpsons Tapped Out. Have a really great city imo.
this post is probably purely idiotic

(stats as of 12-3-17)
[Image: froscc9LToWZZbzFk6-dYQ.png]
All cars owned except the Can Am and the One:1.
All gamepasses owned except Garage pass.
my favorite racing is csr racing 2 and for strategy i like smashy road

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