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Fictional UD Amusement Parks.
Saw a thread with car companies so decided to do this.


Rides (Flat rides, rollercoasters)
years active

I'll start.


Westover Islands

10 Flat Rides

2 Rollercoasters:

"Hurricane" a steel coaster which was built in 1992, started with a 100 foot chain lift, after that the coaster entered a 80 foot drop in a 180 degree turn. Entering a loop, following numerous turns and bends the ride hit a brake run.

"Wildcat" A wooden coaster featuring a weak 50 foot drop, height is 58 feet. After the lift hill the track twisted through a wooded area.

Active: 1978-present

In 1978, Nathaniel Hernandez wanted to make an Amusement park in the Westover Area, he bought a plot of land near Kensington and started construction, the park opened with 5 flat rides and a wooden coaster named "Wildcat", after a few more flat rides were added, the steel coaster "Hurricane" was built. Ironically a Hurricane caused the park to be shut down for a few months in the 1994 season. In 1998 Thrillville was bought by Mid-Atlantic Amusements, it is rumored that the park is getting an expansion and even a new rollercoaster for the 2019 season.



5 Go-Kart tracks

2 Flat Rides

1 Rollercoaster

- Small steel coaster, no loops, only 40 feet high

3 Water slides


In 1992 the park opened with a few flat rides, after realizing that most people were going to Thrillville for rides the park changed the focus over to water rides. Then 1999 they again changed their focus to a Go-Kart facility.

Odessa Amusements


4 Flats

1 Rollercoaster

"Grizzly" - Small wooden coaster.


In 1985, developer Justin McFarland opened a small amusement park on the White Clay Creek, north of Odessa. But attendance was low due to nearby Thrillville which was the largest amusement park in Delaware. The park closed after rains from Tropical Storm Gus in 1995 flooded the park, the damage was so very that a portion of "Grizzly" collapsed. Three of the four flat rides were destroyed, and the park was closed, never to reopen.

Green-Odessa Amusements
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Name American Eagle Park of Thrill
Location 20 miles west of Newark
Rides (Flat rides, rollercoasters) Thunderbolt, (roller) the screaming demon (flat) mr. fire (roller), Boss (intense roller) Waterpark - The typhoon (toilet bowl water ride on a tube), - Tyflume (log ride, medium) Tyflume rapids (log ride, extreme)
years active 8
History Thriving since the start.
 Chiefs and Cardinals fan. Basketball and Baseball fan
5 roller coasters
38 flat rides
Funworld is a 235-acre amusement park in Westover. The park opened in 1973 and is owned and operated by Cedar Fair, which purchased the park from Hunt-Midwest in 1995. Admission to Funworld includes access to Waterworld, a water park adjacent to the amusement park.

Funworld opened on May 26, 1973, at a cost of $10 million. It is situated at the northern edge of a vast industrial complex in the bluffs above Westover Islands. At the time of its opening, numerous modernization projects across Westover were in progress including the opening of Westover International Airport. Mid-America Enterprises, seeking to capitalize on the citywide expansion movement, began construction on a new amusement park in 1969. The park was originally planned to complement a 500-acre (2.0 km2) hotel and entertainment complex, but a lagging economy during the park's early years derailed the idea.

In 1974, the first addition to Funworld was the 4000-seat Forum Amphitheater opened in the Europa section of the park. In 1976, a new section opened in honor of the United States Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence – and was named Bicentennial Square. The new section included the debut of Screamroller from Arrow Dynamics, which was a replica of the first modern-looping roller coaster, Corkscrew, that opened a year earlier at Knott's Berry Farm.

In 1982, Waterworld opened next door as the largest water park in the world. Also the same year, a sub-world "River City" was opened in Americana bordering the Orient section. Screamroller was transformed into Extremeroller the following year, which featured stand-up trains instead of the original sit-down models making it the first looping, stand-up roller coaster in Robloxia. Several years later in 1989, Funworld ended the decade with the addition of Timber Wolf, a wooden roller coaster that initially ranked high in several national polls.

Cedar Fair LP purchased Funworld in 1995. The new owners invested $10 million with the addition of Mamba, a D.H. Morgan Manufacturing steel hypercoaster, to the park's attraction lineup in 1998.
2006: Patriot opens as the longest, tallest, and fastest full-circuit inverted roller coaster in the region. It was the park's largest capital investment on a single attraction at $14 million.
2008: For their 35th anniversary, Funworld added a festival called Oktoberfest.
2009: A new wooden coaster, Prowler, is added to the Africa section of the park. It receives the Golden Ticket Award for "Best New Ride of 2009" by Amusement Today magazine.
2010: Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights, a $1 million immersive light and sound experience, opens in the Europa and Africa sections of the park. Subway opens at Waterworld.
2011: Planet Snoopy, an $8-million children's themed area, is added to Funworld featuring over 20 rides and attractions. An Illions carousel called The Grand Carousel is added to the Scandinavia section of the park.
2012: A premium line queue system called "Fast Lane" is introduced.
2013: Waterworld receives full integration with Funworld sharing one admission for both parks.
2014: WindSeeker – a 301-foot (92 m) Mondial swing ride at Knott's Berry Farm – was renamed SteelHawk and relocated to Funworld for the 2014 season.
2016: Planet Snoopy receives upgrades, including five new rides added to the children's area, with the removal of two former attractions.
2017: Mustang Runner (HUSS Troika), Falcon's Flight (HUSS Condor) is added to the Americana section of the park. A newly remodeled entrance is introduced, and Winterfest is introduced in November 2017.
2018: Nordic Chaser (Mack SeaStorm) is added to the Scandinavia section of the park. Timber Wolf replaced their helix with a new seventy-degree back turn. Great Coasters International constructed the new element.
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