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Old siren GUI
I appreciate new things for police force, such as Unmarked Charger or Police Sienna, but only thing that I didn't like is the new Siren GUI. It is harder to control, and you cannot operate them independently, so could UD team bring it back on a small little update, please? Thank you.
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yes i dont like the new siren or the yellow light thingy gui.
but this game should definetilely be on console so they would need to add something like different gius for consoles and pcs or create option so you can add that siren gui somewhere on your screen (it would be off by default ofc cuz if console players join the game) so yeah that just my opinion sry for bad spelling
I agree with you, Zafocan about the new GUI.
I actually liked the siren and emergency light functions when you could independently control them despite being click toggles. Even though the siren is now keyboard controlled, you have to cycle through all the sounds before you can switch it off. The same goes with emergency lights, lightbars and arrow boards which now have keyboard controls- it's not as realistic because you have to cycle through the settings.  In fact, you can't really do simple things such as quickly turn the siren on and off- that could be done in the past. I hope they'll bring it back as well because the old one was actually more realistic.
On the other hand, you can still use the old siren/emergency light GUI on public games that haven't received the racing update and the classic maps.

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