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Transit-Ways (T-Ways)
Here in Sydney Australia, some of the higher populated suburbs have a bunch of roads for the buses only, they are called T-Ways. The t-ways run beside the motorways and the purpose is to cut down on traffic. Every 600m there is a T-Way bus stop on each side of the road and I wish there was something like this for Ultimate Driving.

The speed limit on the t-ways is 80km/ph (50m/ph)

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg][Image: Sydney%20Buses%20T-Way%20Mercedes%20O405...201404.JPG][Image: nov012007-009.jpg][Image: Large_project_738x361_Northwest_Tway-900x430.jpg]
like only lane buses love own lane buses
other road do more road
(08-12-2018, 09:40 AM)Brandonlubin Wrote: like only lane buses love own lane buses
They are similar to bus only lanes but the T-Ways are an entire road networks just for buses. Another thing they have is cameras that detect unauthorized vehicles such as cars and trucks. I feel like T-Ways could be a thing added to Ultimate Driving. T-Ways also support double-decker buses.
right car and truck lane doule decker buses Smile
other road do more road
We have those here in Los Angeles. We have two transitways that are on different freeways going from downtown to suburbs with stops along the way on the freeway median. The buses share lanes with regular cars on a toll lane so the buses don't get stuck in regular freeway traffic. It's used by express buses during peak hours on weekdays only except the metro silver line which was estabilished in 2009 to connect both freeway busways, serve all day everyday in order to increase ridership.
We also have the metro orange line which is a regular busway, it connects a suburb to a subway line near Hollywood.

Yea it'd be cool to have busways on ultimate driving. Freeway busways should also be in a UD map one day, they're really cool
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