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Transit-Ways (T-Ways)
Here in Sydney Australia, some of the higher populated suburbs have a bunch of roads for the buses only, they are called T-Ways. The t-ways run beside the motorways and the purpose is to cut down on traffic. Every 600m there is a T-Way bus stop on each side of the road and I wish there was something like this for Ultimate Driving.

The speed limit on the t-ways is 80km/ph (50m/ph)

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg][Image: Sydney%20Buses%20T-Way%20Mercedes%20O405...201404.JPG][Image: nov012007-009.jpg][Image: Large_project_738x361_Northwest_Tway-900x430.jpg]
like only lane buses love own lane buses
(08-12-2018, 09:40 AM)Brandonlubin Wrote: like only lane buses love own lane buses
They are similar to bus only lanes but the T-Ways are an entire road networks just for buses. Another thing they have is cameras that detect unauthorized vehicles such as cars and trucks. I feel like T-Ways could be a thing added to Ultimate Driving. T-Ways also support double-decker buses.
right car and truck lane doule decker buses Smile

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