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Issues with Earning Cars.

I’m writing this time to make a suggestion, and putting it here rather than on the discord because it may be noticed more.

I’m suggesting that all citizen vehicles be given a mileage requirement or, with the addition of levels, a level requirement. They don’t even have to be high requirements, eg: 1000 miles for a Diablo, but just something to make people actually have to play the game would be nice.

I am suggesting this because I for one find it quite frustrating how easy it is to ‘skip the game’ as such, and find servers of relatively new players (0-1000 miles) that are flooded with cars costing several million, so it is clear not one of those players has actually earned their car. This is less of a playability issue as it is one about the rewards in the game. Earning supercars just doesn’t feel as rewarding as it should because everyone simply uses robux. For someone who believes in reward from effort, seeing this is understandably annoying

While I know this is not likely to be implemented and there will be valid arguments against it, I still think this would be a good addition and it is worth suggesting.

BEFORE PEOPLE START complaining that this will make the game “too hard” or “too long” to play, I have this message for those of you in that mindset:
I find your excuse, used for begging most often, frankly pathetic. If holding a W key down is too much work to earn a car, then it just goes to show how lazy you are.

Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts!


I’ll try to reply to comments where I can. It’s be great to hear your ideas and discuss issues with or strengths of the suggestion.
I guess the biggest argument against it is that Alex wants/needs to earn money. Who knows, UD wouldn't probably exist anymore without all these new players who used their moms credit card to buy every single car in the game. But I also get your point, I hate it when I'm cruising around and then some One:1 or 650S driver crashes into me because he's new to the game doesn't know how to drive such a fast car.
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I was expecting that one. The cars could still cost currency, as well as the mileage limit. There’s ways to keep the income coming.
I’ll come up with some ideas for what these limits could be and post them soon.

Here are my ideas:

I’m going to use the One:1 for my examples, as a cost of 2000000 is fairly easy to work with.

All mile numbers are rounded down to the nearest whole number.

The following are mile-based ideas:

Idea One:
Limits could be based on how many miles it’d take to earn a car when some in the highest payback car: the F1 at 1500/mile. This would mean that the One:1 would require 1333 miles. An odd number but these are rough ideas.

Idea Two:
Limits could be calculated from the price of the car. Dividing the cost of a car by 1000. The One:1 would then require 2000 miles, and lower tier cars would be in double or triple digits. This is a more balanced idea.

Idea Three:
Limits could be decided so that the required miles are equal to the cash back per mile of the car. This means many credit card addicts will still feel that farming for an hour is too much work and will instead buy all the cash they need. The One:1 would require only 1025 miles, nowhere near enough to earn the 2 million required.

Idea Four:
Much like the idea involving the F1 cashback, make the mile requirement be how long a car would take to earn itself back. The One:1 would require 1951 miles.

TL;DR Idea 2 is the most balanced in terms of progressive unlocks and Idea 3 would give Alex the most income.

My idea involves cars still needing to be bought but only having the option to be bought after the mile requirement is met. This is specifically so people will still buy money - I wasn’t complaining about the buying of money but more that people buy high end cars without spending even 1 minute on the game and then either cause chaos through lack of control or act like they’re superior because they have more money.

Hope this helps clarify or strengthen my suggestion.
Revenue was recently increased globally for most vehicles by usually $200 more than the previous value, so earning money by driving shouldn't be that much of an issue anymore.

However, I still think that if someone is gonna put a bit of cash in the game, they pretty much deserve an immediate benefit of sorts. None of the cars are P2W, and especially not those driven by inexperienced players.
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I disagree with the P2W statement, as having nice cars (especially with races now) allows ‘victory’ as such in the game, therefore these players are paying to ‘win’ the game.
If players are willing to spend money to drive a car they want to drive, we aren’t going to penalize them for it. Buying cars this way is basically a shortcut to player progression throughout the game.
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I understand that and it’s why I didn’t think the suggestion was likely to be accepted, but wouldn’t it be better if more people played the game than just bought their way through it? I know that it supports Alex but still it’d be nice if players actually had a reason to drive rather than just buying through out of laziness or begging because they can’t be bothered.

Thanks for an opinion Matt
(08-14-2018, 05:20 AM)DANISSY1 Wrote: I disagree with the P2W statement, as having nice cars (especially with races now) allows ‘victory’ as such in the game, therefore these players are paying to ‘win’ the game.

No, a car won't do jack if the driver doesn't have the skills to back it up. And in some cases, speed doesn't matter at all.
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Some cars are quite easy to control even with little skill and after about 100 miles in a case I’d expect you’d be able to control it.

Since Matt’s explained this isn’t going to happen this conversation can pretty much end. At least I’ve seen some alternative views on this. Thanks.

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