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Automod oversensitive filter?
So I'm currently still muted on the Discord server due to the Automod bot apparently detecting something offending within a sentence I had said.

The only problem is that this is the following offending item: Yeah, and we have no idea how much more of a gain discounting everything will be".

The bot may have detected the "of a gain" part of the sentence since it unintentionally ended up spelling an offensive slur, but this pretty much led me to believe the bot's filter is extremely sensitive.
Also I'm posting this here since I have nowhere else to really post it.
[Image: 07e463d4a96fabb014c3b71ad855ad49.png]
Sorry, we're still fine tuning it. We removed the muting because it seems to be infinite and now it just deletes the message instead. You're unmuted.
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