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List all the trips/vacations you've been on
Basically just tell us where you went and put a year if you can, you add more detail about it, if you want.

Here's all the ones I remember:

2003/4 - Flew to Chicago Midway to visit family in Effingham and Newton, IL. I believe it was for the big ass Corvette funfest thing my Corvette collecting uncle does (he owns Mid America Motorworks). Apparently I also went through Indianapolis but this is when I was around 5 months old so I don't remember.

2007/8/9 - I went on vacation with my grandparents and cousin up to North Carolina. I recall seeing a stadium-like building in Savannah. I may have gone as north as Baltimore but nobody remembers. It was also the trip where I got hit by a wave and grew a fear of water in NC.

2008 - Not really a trip but my mother secretly left Arizona with my dad, riding all along I-10. Afterwards we were forced back to Arizona, this time taking 20 to 10. I recall seeing the Arizona sign on 10 along with a UP train riding aside us.
I'm not sure if it was Dallas or Houston, but we stopped by a cousins house and stayed there along the way. We rode along side a freeway, but not going on it for some reason.

2010/11 - Trip to Salt Lake City. Took US 89 to 15 and went on from there. We went through Vegas and the Hoover Dam. At the time that big ass arch bridge was under construction and I got to see it. (I don't remember the name of it). My sister and dad who still live in AZ visit Vegas frequently but I've only been once. (also my ex-soulmate moved there this month)

2012 (spring) Flew to Los Angeles for Disneyland. It's the farthest west I have ever been and it was cool driving down I-105.

2012 (summer) Disneyland again, this time taking I-40, driving it in Cali is boring as hell. Also LAs smog can be seen all the way from Barstow.

2015 - What was supposed to be a visit to my mother in FL turned into me living in Florida. Then my dad pulled me out of school in October, taking a flight from Orlando back to AZ, but 1 week later he decides to let me live in FL.

2017 - My uncle had a trucking job that frequently went out of state. In the springtime it didn't really go out of state but in the summer it did. First time was a place in South Carolina, then Maryland, and that was the end of the first trip. One week later we make a run in northern Mississippi, then 3 in a town north of New Orleans. I enjoyed driving through Mobile, and we went through I-10s underwater tunnel three times.

2018 - Visit to Arizona. Nothing special.

not to mention all the times we went to phoenix to stay at a resort, or all the times we went to flagstaff.
2008 - Albany
2009 - Albany
2011 - Boone
2012 - Albany, then Albany again for a funeral
2013 - Myrtle Beach
2014 - Boone
2015 - Myrtle Beach
2016 - Upstate NY (Syracuse and Albany)
2017 - Orlando
2018 - Boone (not counting last months funeral trip, you can ask me about it if you wish)
- NotPancake

Long time UD player, own a lot. Have every gamepass.
2006- Boston
2007- Boston
2010- Washington DC/ Baltimore
2013- Boston
2014- Baltimore
2015- Washington DC
2015- Orlando
2016- Toronto
2017- Harrisburg
2018- Boston
2018- Philadelphia
2012 - Germany
2012 - Finland
2014 - Italy (drove through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria to get there.)
2016 - Stockholm, Sweden
2017 - Italy (visited the Ferrari museum in Modena on this trip!)
2018 - London, UK

That's all I can remember off of the top of my head right now. Might add more later on if I remember.
2013, 2014, 2015 - Vietnam
2015, 2017 - Virginia Beach, VA
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 - San Jose/Milpitas, CA
2016 - Myrtle Beach, NC
2017, 2018 - Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
2017 - Baltimore, MD
2018 - The Poconos, PA
2018 - Las Vegas, NV

These are all I can remember.

Note: My family planned to go to Las Vegas in 2015, but cancelled it until 2018.
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(12-05-2018, 07:54 PM)LancerFourms Wrote: 2016 - Myrtle Beach, NC

- NotPancake

Long time UD player, own a lot. Have every gamepass.
(12-05-2018, 09:28 PM)PancakeKillerYT Wrote:
(12-05-2018, 07:54 PM)LancerFourms Wrote: 2016 - Myrtle Beach, NC


I meant SC.  I mistakenly hit N instead of S.  Sorry for the typo.
[Image: 37m1fu.jpg]
2005 florida
2006 florida
2007 florida/buffalo, ny
2008 florida/buffalo, ny
2009 disney world
2010 florida
2011 florida
2012 florida
2013 florida
2014 virginia, pennsylvania, cooperstown, nyc/sunset beach
2015 florida
2016 disney cruise, florida
2017 disney cruise, florida and myrtle beach
2018 winston-salem, nc/florida and florida again
I'm back after being dead for a year.
2010:Somewere in the mountains of NC
2014Big Grinenver
2015Big Grinetroit
2017:Mount rushmore

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