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Most Underrated Cars in Ultimate Driving
I decided to take the time and go over five of the most underrated cars in Ultimate Driving. I'll also be making a list of the most popular cars in Ultimate Driving sometime.

DISCLAIMER: Just because it's underrated doesn't mean it's a bad car by any means.

5. Porsche 911 GT3:

  Plenty of people used to drive this car during the days of the brick vehicles, and even after the mesh car update. But with more fast cars within its price range, the 911 has sorta become the fading champ. It's still a good car regardless, but I'm not seeing many of them speeding around Westover Islands anymore.

4. Jeep Cherokee: 

  Anyone looking for a fast car for under $100,000 is NOT going to be buying an SUV, so...

3. Ferrari 360:

  When the 360 used to be the F50 back in the days of the brick vehicles, it was excellent. It was faster, and cheaper than the Diablo. But when it was replaced with the now-360, everyone sorta backed off of it. Even when it was the only Ferrari in the game for several months nobody drove it, since there were cheaper, faster cars. It's not a bad car by any means, there are just better cars out there. Even with the F50 back in the game, nobody really thinks about the 360.

2. Hyundai Veloster Turbo:

  The Hyundai Veloster Turbo is an excellent car. It's fun, fast, and cheap. But why is no one driving it? It's sorta the case with most of the cars on this list, there are other faster cars within its price range. Its most closely priced rival, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO is only $1,000 less than the Veloster Turbo, and goes 5mph faster. And only $8,990 more is the Subaru WRX STi which is 30mph faster. So it's really no wonder why nobody drives it... Even though I take mine for spins sometimes.

1. Renault Megane:

  This is, without doubt, the most underrated, least driven car in Ultimate Driving. It's not bad or anything, but it's not fast by any means. Also this is an $89,000 car. Almost $90,000 for a hot hatchback. I know the Honda Civic Type R is a $99,000 hot hatchback, but that thing is badass. It's fun, handles great, and has a better top speed than the C6 Corvette, 177mph to be exact. Whereas the Megane can only do 106mph. But it's not just underrated because it has faster, better rivals, it's just that not many people are that familiar with the Renault Megane, it doesn't necessarily appeal to the youth, or anyone in general, at least in North America.
[Image: Capture_57.PNG]

yes these are my county's police cars
5. Somewhat low top end plus the 911 standard oversteer turns some people away. The performance is pretty decent all around for the price, though. When it was 200K, it saw way more use, but now the current 200K car, the GT-R, is quicker in a straight line and is more noob friendly.

4. It's a standard garden variety soccer mom-mobile that costs as much as a Camaro, and with the Trackhawk added I doubt it will see much use at all.

3. Slightly low performance specs for the price, low quality mesh, and the F50's existence overshadow the 360 completely. The handling is quite decent at least.

2. A slow sport compact priced around the same amount as a Supra or S15 Silvia. Also not that fast compared to other sport compacts. Hopefully a more appealing Hyundai like a Genesis Coupe or Veloster N (or a Kia Stinger) is added in the future.

1. Abysmally low and unrealistic performance all around, especially for the price. Somewhat popular with European players and hot hatch fans, and could see use if it actually had its real life specs. The same applies with the more popular Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, which met the same fate in-game. 

Initially they were low for balancing supposedly, but as we got more cheaper vehicles that effectively power crept all the other vehicles of similar prices (in particular the 02' Camaro, Chevelle, Supra, S15, and even the FR-S), this is not really the case anymore.
[Image: 07e463d4a96fabb014c3b71ad855ad49.png]
Also, shoutouts to the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage. Despite being a movie icon, this 1960s-era GT car really shows its age, as for the costs of 450K, it's not that much quicker than an FR-S, arguably the most common vehicle in the game. The DB5 also doesn't really appeal that much to the youth either, as most of the UD playerbase is more interested in supercars, muscle cars, and tuner cars.
[Image: 07e463d4a96fabb014c3b71ad855ad49.png]
How about I make my top 5 cars that deserves to be added into the UD?
NO to PennDOT  Angry  , YES to PTC.  Big Grin

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