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Thoughts on this sign?
I made the sign decals in inkspace & used a road sign world I made. This sign is along Toll I-376 (former Toll Pennsylvania State Route 60).

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Photography piece   Erik Cassel Memorial Highway coming soon....?
However, in UD, according to my PA idea, the PA Turnpike is part of I-84.  Interstate 376 is a part of I-184 in UD.  Also, the sign mentions Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Westover Islands.  In UD, Pittsburgh is Steel City, Harrisburg is Wissahickon City, and I-84 has no direct connection to Westover Islands, though it is indirectly connected by I-87, I-95, and I-80 in UD.  I-79, by the way, leaves PA in one end.  In real life, it ends in West Virginia, but in UD, it continues north to New York, intersecting I-86 and I-88 (New York State Thruway in UD) with no known northern terminus (possibly ending within spaghetti-shaped Route 9 in New York).

For more information about my Pennsylvania idea for UD, click on the link below:
NO to PennDOT  Angry  , YES to PTC.  Big Grin
#3      <-- Please refer here to view what I highlighted.

What I highlighted in red means the shields are off-center.
What I highlighted in yellow means the arrow on the right is off and doesn't seem on the correct axis unlike your other arrow on the left.

Overall, both signs don't look bad at all. Just try to center everything perfectly next time.
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