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Thoughts on this sign?
I made the sign decals in inkspace & used a road sign world I made. This sign is along Toll I-376 (former Toll Pennsylvania State Route 60).

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However, in UD, according to my PA idea, the PA Turnpike is part of I-84.  Interstate 376 is a part of I-184 in UD.  Also, the sign mentions Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Westover Islands.  In UD, Pittsburgh is Steel City, Harrisburg is Wissahickon City, and I-84 has no direct connection to Westover Islands, though it is indirectly connected by I-87, I-95, and I-80 in UD.  I-79, by the way, leaves PA in one end.  In real life, it ends in West Virginia, but in UD, it continues north to New York, intersecting I-86 and I-88 (New York State Thruway in UD) with no known northern terminus (possibly ending within spaghetti-shaped Route 9 in New York).

For more information about my Pennsylvania idea for UD, click on the link below:
NO to PennDOT  Angry  , YES to PTC.  Big Grin

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