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Making Smooth Curved Ramps
Hey All,
So I am working on the revamp of my Driving World: Cincinnati that was never close to being finished but it just needed redone. That aside I need help with building curved ramps for an interchange. My current solution for placing roads is to use Archimedes Two but that doesn't work too well when building a curved sloped ramp between 2 highways. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should go about this? Thanks in advance.

Pics of the new game if you are interested:
[Image: bIucZGMASdKkROFj2SkzNA.png]
[Image: Xaz2QAJIRlOB21_FnoVJ8A.png]
[Image: AvZ6yuyGTWyPdFd1vOjEPw.png]

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