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Advice on a situation in my life
So I was recently asking myself: "What the hell should I do? I'm not an academic or an athletic." After asking myself this question over and over again I was laid out some choices in life for myself and I will list them and details about them. I'd like for you guys to suggest stuff to add to my possible choices when I'm an adult.
A) College & University
  • I have no money set aside higher education so I have to deal with debt
  • My parents are pressuring me to pursue a University Degree
  • I don't know what in the hell to major in
  • I keep seeing that people are saying College & University is a scam
B) Trades
  • Physical labour
  • Paid Apprenticeship
  • Parents and family hate the idea of me going into trades
  • Decent Pay
C) Military 
  • Something i'm actually interested in
  • Very Physically demanding
  • Parents think poorly of people in the military
  • Pay is somewhat decent, if 60k per year is decent
  • Would be hard to reenter the civilian workforce if I left
  • University except militarized
  • Government pays you while attending RMC, however you must reimburse the government if you dropout
  • Must be an academic
  • Many courses that allow me to take up civilian jobs once I leave the military.
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Hello, hope you have a lovely day!
First and foremost, your parents may play big roles in your life. This is understandable but you need to remember that your life is just that: Your life. Take in your considerations for what you want to do. Often enough, you yourself as a person know whats best for you and what you will most enjoy.

A) Higher education is always something hounded into kids throughout school demanding it for success while the prices skyrocket. I'll be blunt and say it isn't for everyone and it definitely isn't something you should do unless you feel ready to do it. You do not need a degree to be successful in life. However, in many aspects it can help you - even if it is just a 2 year degree from a small and cheap college/university. Employers are increasingly looking for some form of degree to show that you've further educated yourself in some way, shape, or form. You also do not need to join college right out of high school. Sometimes a break to figure out what you are doing in life is needed. With this being said, college can help you discover what you do want to do in life. When I first started college, I was interested solely in law enforcement stuff but after taking a Sociology class or two, I fell in love with it and graduated with two separate degrees this last weekend - Sociology and Criminal Justice Systems. 

I also want to stress that you can switch majors at any point of your college career. Just because you pick one doesn't mean you are stuck with it. With the expenses, student loans are a definite nightmare but in the U.S. depending on how much your parents make and many other factors decided by the nightmare FAFSA is, you can get some of it paid and can even be eligible to have loans erased after graduation at some point.

B) Trade schools are great in my opinion and you can make a lot of money using some of them, like electrician work. Don't knock something because it has physical labor. Some of the most rewarding jobs are physical labor jobs. I worked in a tire shop for a few years and I absolutely loved it. I think trade schools are very underrated and forgotten about but if specializing in this way works best for you, it's something that should be considered.

C) I can't give much of an opinion on this because it essentially will come down to how you feel towards it and if you feel prepared to endure the stresses that come alongside it.

However, I can give a good recommendation. In the U.S., many universities run ROTC which will pay for a large part of your tuition if you ever do want to do college. Additionally, even not counting ROTC, the military itself will pay for your tuition in some cases if you decide to go to college while an active member. I had to pass this opportunity up due to personal reasons, but we had recruiters monthly pushing this.

D) I'm assuming this is similar to the ROTC program I was talking about, so see above.
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I live in Canada so the ROTC program may not be available for me, however the Canadian Government offers a similar course so the whole idea of going to university/college while getting an Officer's commission is a valid choice. Anyways thanks for providing a really insightful advice it has really helped a lot on how I will be making decisions for my life in the future.
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Hello, hope you have a lovely day!

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