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I-95 and I-80?
Finally I-95 and I-80 are gonna be roads that you can use?
Description of the I-95 and I-80.

Yes, they will be accessable, but not this year. I-95 and I-80 will merge into a two-mile twelve-lane concurrency just south of Harriston. There will be factories and suburbs, as well as a mysterious 6-lane highway traversing just a little west the concurrency (this is not US-1.).

I think it's the "Hazlet Avenue" that appeared in his signs.
We're out of Chicken Nomtauk. Go to Bordenville for spoiled milk, or SEE YOU IN CAPE DANN! Angry

Awwwww. This business should go to da Worstover Islands or da Bethany Bleach.  Wink

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