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UD and VS
I constantly wonder why does Vehicle Sim have more players than UD, despite the later having better map and road design and better physics. Does the impression of Vehicle sim having more players than UD stem from the fact the UDU has multiple different maps? Or do not as many people play UD? 

I have gotten the impression that it takes a long time for people to get a "flashy" car in UD, while in VS it takes less than thirty minutes. Kids want to have the "flashy" cars and vehicle sim caters to that. May that be the reason for a lower player count?

I don't know how to conclude this, maybe reasons or theories as to why more people play Vehicle sim?
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You are pretty much right. A large majority of Roblox's playerbase is casual, and VS is a more casual game than UD. Less realistic physics (VS physics used to be great for Roblox standarts but then they wasted it by adding bullshit like a "press to jump" button), a map that isn't as realistic but is more suited for going 300 fucking mph, all cars having unrealistic high topspeeds and you get money like crazy.

It's usual that vehicle based games (this doesn't mean just cars, but also planes, boats, spaceships, etc) with faster progression are more succesfull.
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