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Discontinued fast food items you miss.
For me, I'll have to go with Signature Crafted Sandwiches, since they have been sadly discontinued by McDonald's in order to streamline its menu.
[Image: C944f4F3GaM-qjynuF4LZoYzyXQlAIWMTmVR-3Qh...34-h978-no]
This was one of the Signature Crafted sandwich I have ordered for the very last time in May 16, 2019.  It's sad that these fancy sandwiches from McDonald's were discontinued as part of streamlining the menu.
[Image: 37m1fu.jpg]
One of my favourite was the Creamy Maple chill from tim hortons; it had maple sugar sprinkles and the whipped cream tasted like maple syrup, I used to live in ontario but since moving to Alberta they do not have the Creamy Maple chill in my province and it makes m
   [Image: image?w=163&h=58&rev=34&ac=1&parent=1WQN...Z-29vFEWCM] 
Hello, hope you have a lovely day!
Aphid flavored Coke, woohoo! It was my favorite until it became debunked and it was a health issue.
We're out of Chicken Nomtauk. Go to Bordenville for spoiled milk, or SEE YOU IN CAPE DANN! Angry

Awwwww. This business should go to da Worstover Islands or da Bethany Bleach.  Wink

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