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Police team needs work
Hey guys, as you all know there is some things UD needs to change (and add) to the police team. Today I am just giving my input and hopefully someone out there when see this.

-Please add a detaining system, if you have ever played Emergency Response (Roblox) you will know that they have a very good detaining system.
-Please add some other way to punish crimes besides the two options you as a police officer have (arresting someone or giving them a fine) where I am trying to go with this is, is that police officers have more options like: give players tickets (could be recorded in a police database [which is still not open]) give players warnings (so. if they have to may warnings the officer can punish them more seriously) *optional*(because this isn't a very good idea) community service (players would have to actively pay off there wrong doing by maybe: working for the city (with out getting payed) like driving a bus around or some thing that would help the city. The serivice minutes would be payed of minute by minute and if they try to get out of community service they would receve a high bounty (arrestable).


Ok, so the lights (and options) on police cars are REALLY cool, but there is one problem
THEY ARE SOOOOOOO FADED AND DIM Angry  please please please in the next update make the emergency lights (especially on the undercover or unmarked cars) tons brigher so peaple can actualy see them insted of seeing these tiny little red and bule things UDPD calls "emergency lights"
- all so, can you guys please at least put a few extra lights on the undercover cars? It seems really lame to just have two sets of red and blue lights, maybe a few visor lighs would be nice? And I know another guy who talked about improvments said there should be more options for sirens - GOOD IDEA! -
Thanks for your time!
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Dodgy yeet  

The fines are pretty much tickets and explain how this detaining system will work as only people that play Emergency Response will have an idea of how it works. The emergency lights are being worked on and the whole idea of community service would be pretty much useless given that most people would just skip it.

TTP has done lots of work with the Police team since the last two major updates and there is a possible Phase three to the police update so I strongly believe that the Police are mostly fine as it is (Different liveries for each town would be nice) and the detaining system would be redundant.
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Hello, hope you have a lovely day!
Thanks for your suggestions. Here's my overview of them:
-Detaining system: Again, forces people to do something they don't want to, will be annoying for players ESPECIALLY if a noob cop randomly detains them
-More way to punish criminals: I disagree with adding additional abilities to punish crime, fining is pretty much the same as a ticket. For warnings, I don't think it'll be used much. And for community service, won't it need supervision to make sure the criminals don't run? I also don't think forcing people to play a role they don't want to is a good idea... Especially if they are driving a bus or vehicle (hint: they are going to be very aggressive to the police or anyone really..)
-Emergancy lights: I absolutely agree with making them more visible and with adding more lights to the undercover vehicles. Also, I am pretty sure TTP is aware of this.

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