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Forum question: Ways to list threads where you've replied in
Since this forum doesn't seem to have a board specifically for forum related questions, I thought this board was most appropriate. Feel free to move this thread to a more appropriate location, however.

Title says it all. Is there a way to list replies on a thread I've previously posted in? I'm aware of the markers denoting what threads I've already posted in, but I wonder if there's a way to list these threads. It's great if I don't want to sift through unread/previously read threads, and personally more convenient to view potential replies to any statements/questions I've posed (though this forum software also provides no way to see if any recent posts quote other posts, but that's neither here nor there).

If there is a way, gladly point me in that direction and I'll delete this thread, but as far as I'm aware there currently is none.
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