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Destinations from the Currituck Regional Airport

Flights and Destinations from Currituck Regional Airport (CRA)

Allegiant: Orlando-Sanford (A320)
      Seasonal: Myrtle Beach (same plane)
American Airlines: New York La Guardia (Airbus A319)
American Eagle: Charlotte (Bombardier CRJ 200-500), Philadelphia (Bombardier CRJ 200-500), Chicago O'Hare (ERJ175)
     Seasonal: Dallas (Embraer E175)
Delta Airlines: Atlanta (Boeing 717)
     Seasonal: Boston (B737)
Frontier Airlines: Orlando (A320)
     Seasonal: Denver (A319)
Delta Connection: Atlanta (CRJ 200), New York JFK (CRJ 500), Boston (E170)
United Airlines: Houston (A320)
     Seasonal: Denver (B737)
United Express: Newark (CRJ200), Washington Dulles (ERJ175), Chicago O'Hare (E175)

After the construction of the new terminal in 2018, this airport is the gateway to northeast NC and to prevent an hour drive to the airport to Norfolk.

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