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Ultimate Driving has terrible gun physics.
Ok, guns in this game are literally broken. Your bullets literally don't shoot where is crosshair is. It is not that bad when you are shooting someone not in a vehicle, but when you are trying to shoot a person in a vehicle, you are pretty screwed. Bullets literally bounce off the windows, and you have to aim at the door to shoot where the actual person is. Also, shooting from the front to the head results in the bullet bouncing to the sky. 

So, can some dev improve the gun physics? 
Thank you.
I'm not sure if bullets can bounce of objects? But if so, then damn. That is something interesting to know.
Oh wow, what's this?
:3 jjnw
Try holding the gun before you enter the car and most of the problems can be remedied entering and exiting the car.
   [Image: image?w=163&h=58&rev=34&ac=1&parent=1WQN...Z-29vFEWCM] 
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Guns were easier to manipulate in the past, but now I can't seem to kill anybody without reloading. Alex needs to update.
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The sitting animation on the cars causes it
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Well... you kinda have to expect that from a DRIVING game.
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