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A "UD" game I am currently working on.
I've decided to start work on my own road-based game. The game is based out of creativity, (except for the soon to come interstates,) I will attach some pictures below if you would like to look at current progress.

I guess this is a fan thing, as this is intended to be a fan UD game.

[/url]Click here to check out the game.


If images wont load, go [url=]here.
[Image: bVoXDv4.png]
Grant St. exit to I-70 (Currently not finished)

[Image: ygdzyKZ.png]
Grant St. and Fargo St. Intersection

Progress Log

I don't have anything to update the progress log as of now.

Hope you like the game, although it is currently work in progress!
Just another bored programmer :/

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