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Bus mechanics

I think it'd be a great idea to add better bus mechanics into Ultimate Driving. My ideas include: route numbers and route text. For example: Westover 1. And also some text underneeth saying via this this and that (optional when choosing route)

Westover 1
Via Kensington


Westover 1
Via Kensington, Palm Shores and Woodburry

I also think it would be a good idea to add more buses, such as the articulated bus mark 2 and even a double decker bus.

These are just some ideas. I hope to see some added soon if possible. Smile
Just to add on: Citizens should know at all times where the buses are and where they are headed through a bus line UI. Example: We have Bus Line 1 which includes Bus 537 that passed Palm Shores and is headed towards Kensington, then: Woodbury.

Also, a double decker bus would not be possible to implement since it would get stuck on traffic lights, poles, VMS boards, etc.
Oh wow, what's this?
:3 jjnw
I do like the idea of a bus line UI. And I also understand why a double decker would get stuck on traffic lights, but they could just make them higher. They should also slow down the speed of the articulated bus because when I try to get out of the bus depot I end up crashing into everything.

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