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Mall Contest [CLOSED]

1. The Part Count has to be under 350, if it's over, I'm not going to look into it.
2. Only scripts allowed in it is for purchasing clothes (T-Shirts, Shirts, Pants). Any other scripts will be deleted.
3. Can not include anything that breaks ROBLOX (No NSFW related material).
4. Can not alter the mall room in any way, that means making it bigger or higher.
5. You can change the way the windows/door looks, but you can't expand it.

To submit your Mall Room, Direct Message me on Discord @Marcus#5235 or DM me on Twitter @MarcusDOTRBLX

Have fun!
Member of the Ultimate Driving Universe Team or also known as UDU. Any Questions, Comments, or you simply want some tips? private message me

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