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A suggestion for the game regarding certain cars.
I originally posted this suggestion on the Discord server but since it's kind of lengthy, and so I don't repeatedly spam it in the suggestions channel, I figured it would be better to put it in the forums. 

So a lot of people have suggested a car for rank 300 which got me thinking. I'd like to see more rank-earned cars in the game, specifically between rank 100 and 300. This would give players more incentive to grind for levels and not just cash, since some people consider EXP worthless after a certain point. (I for sure stopped caring about EXP as soon as I got the F1, because I personally wouldn't grind up to rank 300 for some rims I'd never use).  However, there's also something else which I'd like to suggest which is related to which cars should be chosen for rank unlocks.

Now which cars are added to game is ultimately up to the staff of course, but I think there's something that should be considered. UD has cars like the CCGT, the Sergio, and the F1 GT, which are rare, obscure cars some people might not have heard of before playing this game. (in my case, I knew nothing about the CCGT before I started playing UD, and thanks to this game I got to learn more about it.) I really appreciate having cars like this in the game, because it helps people discover and appreciate some truly rare cars. So despite the rebranding update coming soon, I'd be happy to see more rare, obscure cars being added, but rather than just being added as cars in the dealership that you can buy with cash, I think they would make perfect choices for rank unlocked cars. If you think about it, it's a bit weird that you can just walk into the dealership and buy a CCGT, an obscure race car that never raced. I think it would make more sense to instead earn a CCGT or a car like that by accomplishing some sort of goal. It could be as simple as reaching a certain rank, or...

Perhaps certain cars could be earned by completing challenges. Basically, optional sidequests that reward players with exclusive cars. Examples of challenges I can think of include:
  • Owning a certain car or group of cars 
  • Driving a certain amount of miles in a a certain car or group of cars
  • Completing a certain number of races in a certain car
  • Beating a certain time on a certain race, maybe in a specific car. (although I know people randomly crashing into you while you're racing can be an issue). 
  • Treasure hunts/scavenger hunts, where you search for some sort of item hidden in the map.
The idea behind this is to add a bit of variety to the process of grinding for more cars. These challenges/quests can be grindy to keep with the spirit of the game, grinding to get cars. You could even have cars that require multiple conditions to be met in order to earn them. (eg. To earn XYZ car, you must be rank 150+, have 10,000 total miles driven, own at least 2 Ferraris, complete 10 races, and find 5 XYZ items in Delancy Gorge) This could encourage players to try doing a bit of grinding in different cars instead of just grinding in the Venom F5 or Divo all day, and perhaps also encourage racing and exploring in maps other than Westover. 

As for ideas on what kinds of cars I think should be exclusive to rank-ups and challenges, think concepts, one-offs, special editions, things that are rarer, more obscure, and harder to find and obtain than the more "mainstream" supercars and hypercars. In other words, "collector's cars". Some ideas I have include:
  • Coachbuilt cars such as the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring
  • Special projects Ferraris such as the SP 275 RW Competizione 
  • Generally weird, obscure stuff like the Bugatti EB112 
  • Concepts (that can actually drive) such the Ferrari 512S Modulo
  • One-offs such as the Rolls-Royce Sweptail
The idea is that since not a lot of people would actively want these cars like these (because who has even heard of some of them?), I think it would make sense to have them be earned through either ranking up or doing optional challenges, rather than going to the dealership and paying cash. Cars such as the Model X and C8 Corvette which are highly demanded probably shouldn't be locked behind challenges and instead be able to be purchased with cash, making them simple and easy to obtain. On the other hand, not a lot of people really want to pay $6 million for the Sergio, with its poor performance for the price and its divisive styling, so it sits there in the dealership unloved. Perhaps having a car like that instead be earned through an optional challenge would be better for it? 

A few notes:
  • Yes, I know there are cars like this that are already in the dealership and can be bought with cash such the aformentioned Sergio. You can leave them there or change the way they're obtained, up to you. 
  • All the rank-earned cars under rank 100 can be left where they are (or changed if you really want I guess)
  • The rebranding of cars might be an issue, since some people may not know the real-life names of some of these cars but the forums and Discord might be able to help.
  • More earnable cars
  • Either have them earned by reaching certain ranks or...
  • Add optional challenges that can be completed to earn exclusive cars 
  • Use rare, obscure, harder-to-obtain cars as earnable cars
Thank you for reading all of this and have a nice day.

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