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New Charlestown Free Beta Day
Hi everyone! I figured to make things easier I would make a post about the New Charlestown beta day: what there will be, what to expect, how the project has been going, etc.

As of right now, Salemville for the most part is complete. I have to do minor detailing in areas, but the core part of the town itself is complete. I've also started renovating the mall area to a more upscale shopping center area, since I didn't like the previous design. This may or may not be completed by tomorrow, depending on how much I get done.

Another area that is for the most part complete is the airport itself. This is still under heavy construction, and I need to go in and detail, but the core area is done and ready to be driven on. 


Progress so far has been pretty steady. I've gotten a lot done in the past 2 months, and am trying to get more done before I head back to college in a few weeks. Due to me going back to school, progress will probably dwindle as I have other commitments but I plan on working on the game as much as I can. This leads me to hopefully finish the game all together by the end of this year at the very least, or the beginning of 2020 at most. 

Any other questions/comments, feel free to leave them here. Hope you guys enjoy the game!
Is it appropriate to ask when the beta day will occur?
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(08-10-2019, 08:32 PM)MatauPlays Wrote: Is it appropriate to ask when the beta day will occur?

Meant to put it in the post, but tomorrow.
Other suburbs beside Salemville? How long will I-90 be in the game? And link me this new New England map you created.
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Really? Salemville? lol

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