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TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time
Haven't seen melodysheep's future timelapse, watch it now or Cape Dann for you!

Thus, this is not intended to be a shitpost, after you watch it, you'll realize how good it is. How many of you know melodysheep?
John Boswell from PBS.
We're out of Chicken Nomtauk. Go to Bordenville for spoiled milk, or SEE YOU IN CAPE DANN! Angry

Awwwww. This business should go to da Worstover Islands or da Bethany Bleach.  Wink
I already watched it before.  Like I said, at the end of time, there is nothing left, but what remains of internet world.  Even universe dies at the end of time.  The length of the universe is almost infinite, but there are more than just one universe.  There are multiverses.
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